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About Our Machinery

Tajima embroidery machine

Keeping control of production allows us to deliver the high quality of service and reliability that we pride ourselves on. It means regular investment into the latest and best quality equipment.

To find out more about our machinery and what they can achieve, read on.


Tajima 6 head embroidery machine Operating the Tajima 6 head embroidery machine

Our most popular method of personalization.

Tajima Embroidery Machines

Used to embroider most of our clothing these machines are able to stitch 1000 stitches per minute and can run up to 8 items at the same time. We have specific adapters that let us embroider on what are often considered difficult places, such as cuffs and collars.

These machines achieve an accurate and clean stitch making even the most intricate logo embroidery possible.

The finished look:

The finished look, Tajima 6, example 1 The finished look, Tajima 6, example 2
The finished look, Tajima 6, example 3 The finished look, Tajima 6, example 4

Transfers & Dye Sublimation

Achieving the most accurate colour matches.

embroidery workshop plotter

CAD Cutting of Transfers and Full-Colour Transfers

Roland BN20 Large format printer and Roland GX24 cad machine

Professional transfers and dye-sublimation work by using heat to transfer an image from pre-cut shapes. These could be individual letters or shapes that make up a picture when combined.

The precision with which these shapes are cut affects the visual quality of the result. Using a high-precision CAD cutter allows us to work with more complex imagery in order to deliver a better result.

For non-dye-sublimation transfers we use various types of transfer material for cotton, polyester and nylon applications. A huge range of colour variants are available using this process which means we can consistently offer an excellent colour match for your logo or branding requirements. Our machinery enables us to produce full colour transfers for short or large orders in house at not fuss.

Dye-Sublimation Printing

Dye-sublimation is a bit like a having a tattoo. The process, which works on polyester fabrics only, uses the heat from a heat press to open up the 'pores' in the fibres and the dye is transferred inside. Once the fibres cool, the 'pores' close up and the dye is locked inside.

The dye is carried to the garment on special paper which is, in turn, applied using an ink-jet printer with special cartridges.

Due the granularity of this process, dye-sublimation can only carry near-photographic quality images onto polyester garments.

3 x HT400 Heat Presses

HT400 Heat Press HT400 Heat Press

These machines work like large flat irons, it heats the material from both sides and allows the transfer or dye-sublimation (dying to the fabric) process to take place reliably. These machines can print onto all different specifications and to different sizes to accommodate different garments.

Transfers work well on cotton, polyester and nylon fabrics. Dye-sublimation is a special process for polyester only.

The finished look:

The finished look, Heat Press

Screen Printing

Screen Printer
Screen Printer

The cost effective solution for large volumes

Screen printing is a prevailing way to print on clothing. It has been used within the industry for years but continues to be a very efficient and cost effective way for printing clothing, large volumes especially.

Accurate and bright logos can be achieved on clothing using this method. The ink is printed onto the clothing which then sits onto of the fibres, rather than in them like dye sublimation.

The finished look:

The finished look, Screen Printing

In Garment Labelling

The convenient way to label clothes

Iron on labels are a really easy way to label clothes. This has become a staple for parents wishing to label their child's school uniform and sports kit, it saves a lot of time with a new school kit when historically they would need to sew on a large number of labels.

The finished look:

In Garment Labelling In Garment Labelling

Embroidered Badges

Embroidered badges are a great way to brand clothing and can be applied at your leisure. Our minimum order quantity is 50 badges, these can be useful if you want to be able to transfer your logo onto different items of clothing or if your staff can buy clothing from different sources but you still want them to be branded.

We have an especially dedicated website for this service,, on here you are able to create your own badge.

The finished look:

The finished look, Embroidered Badges
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